Reasons behind premature come back of Rajinikanth.

Reasons behind premature come back of Rajinikanth.

It is learn t that Superstar Rajnikanth, who has the habit of visiting the Himalayas after the theatrical release of each of his films, did leave for Himalayas more than 10 days ago and all expected that he may stay in Himalayas for two months. 

But, opposing to the expectations, Rajnikanth has retuned to Chennai after spending barely 8 days in the Himalayan ranges.  Rajnikanth, though, indulged in his favorite pastime of meditating at the ‘Baba’ cave before returning to Chennai.  According to the sources they three reasons behind the premature revisit of Rajiniknath from Himalayas, 

First reason was to attend the function to mark the 40th anniversary of the directors’ association.  As it turned out, Rajnikanth gave an elaborate unprepared interview to K.Bala chandra, making the audiences go mad with happiness.  

Second reason is that he is all set to listen to the narrative script of the sequel to “Baadshah”, which could well turn out to be his next movie to be produced by ‘Sathya Movies’.

Third reason is that he would soon be taking part in the test shoot in relation to the completion of his “Hara” which is to be taken over by K.S. Ravikumar.  

Rajnikanth would also be meeting the office-bearers of his fans clubs and would be finalizing his strategy for the future, expected with great degree of anticipation by his legion of fans.

Reasons behind premature come back of Rajinikanth.
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