A Reddy Overseas Distributor missed Jackpot !

Adult content Arjun Reddy is cashing out on youth weakness and doing extremely well both in domestic as well as in overseas market. It already collected $460k including Thu Premiers and Friday. Expected to cross $1 million by first week itself. When movie does well Distributor should be happy, But here it’s a little disappointment for overseas distributor.

If we go in detail, overseas rights were brought for Rs.75 lakhs. But, just before it’s released makers paid Rs.15 lakhs extra and brought back the rights for Rs.90 lakhs. Now move is turning as a super hit because of its adult and bold content. Younger audience are enjoying the content on big screens. Also buy 1 get 1 offers helping a lot to boost the collections. But, distributor missed a jackpot as they get only Rs.15 lakhs and 20% commission in profit sharing. If it would have been Rs.75 lakhs out rate, then it would have been a real Jackpot because of low investment and high returns. Also several local location were sold on MG basis so, 50% again will go to local exhibitors.

Finally, local exhibitors who brought the rights are smiling all the way along with Producers whereas for Overseas distributor it is not giving any desired Happiness!!

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