Rendu Rellu Aaru Movie Review

Movie:      Rendu Rellu Aaru

Rating:     2.75/5.0

Director:   Naresh Mallela

Behind the Screens

Sai Korrapati is backing yet another small movie, Rendu Rellu Aaru. The audience has the expectations of good films coming from Varahi Banner and so there are decent expectations on this film which is made with young and budding talent. Rendu Rellu Aaru release today in both the Telugu States. Let’s see how the movie fared with the audience.


The wives of Raju (Naresh) and Rao (Ravi Kaale) deliver at the same time in a hospital.  Raju gets a Male Child, Maddy (Anil) while Rao gets a Female, Maggi (Mahima). But in a compelling situation, they had to exchange their babies. But for the love of their own children, they decide to stay in the same colony. Maddy and Mahima grow like a Cat and Mouse. While they always fight with each other, one day they fall in love all of sudden. How did they change? Why did their parents exchange them? is the actual story.

Star Shine:

Anil and Mahima are the newcomers who played the hero and heroine. They looked and sounded amateurish, so struggled to carry the story. Rendu Rellu Aaru is totally dependent on the two characters and needed to have them deliver impactful performance. The romantic track or the emotions did not work much. Naresh and Ravi Kaale have come up with an impressive performance as parents. Thagubothu Ramesh’s Comedy in the second half worked big time.


Director Naresh had chosen a story with a novel point in this film. The story normally should have a tragic climax but the new director has avoided it intelligently. The emotional sequences involving both the fathers as they exchange their babies, the struggle when they could not own their own babies and the struggle they undergo when their love stories are revealed are interesting. The comedy track on the serial hero is good and Thagubothu Ramesh track is also impressive. Even though, the first half has the novelty things go wayward in the second half as the director could not contain the excitement of the audience. The climax again is okay.


Technically, Rendu Rellu Aaru is the director’s show. The novel story he chose should be appreciated but failed to execute it perfectly. A better cast in the lead pair may have worked in his favour. It is still a good work for a first timer. Dialogues are good here and there. Music by Vijay Bulganin is a big asset for this small film. Editing is good at places. Cinematography gave a short film like feel here and there. Production Values are Average.

Movie Marks:

Beautiful Story Wasted



Cast: Anil, Mahima, Naresh, Ravi Kaale, and Others
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Nandu Mallela
Producer: Pradeep Chandra and A.mohan
Music: Vijay Bulganin
Cinematographer: Amarnath Reddy
Editor: Janaki Rama Rao P
Banner: Day Dream Productions
Presented by: Sai Korrapati (Varahi Chalana Chitram)
Release Date: July 8th, 2017