Renowned Nizam Distributor Grabbed Rights Of Four Films

The film industry is the one which got affected more due to the lockdown restrictions. It is nearly three months from when the theaters were closed. As of now, there is no clarification on when the theaters are going to reopen. Although if the government granted permission, there is a dilemma on will the audience rush to theaters as things are not seen to get normal soon.

Considering the current scenario, many distributors are not showing interest in buying the rights of the films. But Famous distributor Warangal Srinivas has surprised many by bagging the theatrical rights of four happening films. Buzz is that the Renowned Nizam distributor has offered fancy prices to the producers and grabbed the rights. He acquired the rights of Ravi Teja’s Krack, Gopichand’s Seeti Marr, Sharwanand starrer, and Rana starrer Virataparvam. Let us hope he will make good profits in this crisis.