Why Chikitha is doing Jamasthas by joining YCP?

Renu Desai Joins YCP

Pawan and his party Janasena is using all the means to make an impact in the upcoming Elections 2019. But looks like Pawan has a new enemy which no one saw coming.

Yes it’s his beloved Ex-Wife Renu Desai. Pawan is alleged to have an affair behind her back and cheated on her multiple times with multiple women. According to Renu’s allegations, Pawan had already impregnated his present wife, Anna Lezhneva even before he divorced her.

Looks like it’s payback time for Renu Desai and what better opportunity to take revenge by joining YSRCP, Pawan’s foremost rival party. Recently, Renu was seen as an anchor in Sakshi TV and visited people from various villages and inquired about their problems and told them that they would find a solution soon if they vote for YCP.

Renu joining YCP is still not confirmed, but she being a Pro YCP can make it difficult for Pawan in the upcoming elections and enough to give him few sleepless nights.