Review: Naa Istham : Konchem Kastham

Review: Naa Istham : Konchem Kastham


 Movie:     Naa Ishtam

Rating:    2.5/5

Director: Prakash Tholeti

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The story is set against Malaysia backdrop. The hero Ganesh (Daggubati Rana) is a practical guy. He works as a event manager. His sole aim is to make money and make more money. He does not believe in things like sentiment. He is only interested in money and will do anything for that. One day Ganesh comes across Krishnaveni (Genelia). She has run away from home and come to Malaysia. She wants to marry her lover Kishore (Harshavadhan Rane). However to her surprise and dismay Kishore fails to turn up.

Krishnaveni is aghast. However Ganesh comes to her help. She however becomes a financial burden on the money minded Ganesh. When he learns abut Krishnaveni’s story he takes her to India and hands her over t her fatherz. He does this for the reward money promised to him by Nazar.

However when Ganesh realizes that Nazar is wicked and he is trying to force Krishnaveni to marry another guy he rescues her and brings her back to Malaysia. In the process Ganesh slowly falls in love with Krishnaveni. Even before he can express his love for her, the story takes a twist. Kishore turns up and this asks Krishnaveni to marry him. What will she do? Will she forgive him and marry him or will she choose Ganesh instead. To know the answer, watch the film on the silver screen.

Daggubati Rana is effective in the role of a young guy who is practical in life. He does a good job in the comedy scenes and also dances quite well. He however needs to improve on his diction and mannerism. He comes across stiff in some scenes. Genelia is apt in the role of Krishnaveni. She is bubbly and cute and carries her role quite well. Nazar is effective as usual. The others fit the bill as per the requirements of the script.


Rana, Genelia
First half

Analysis and verdict
Naa Ishtam has a decent storyline but director Chakri Toleti fails to come u with an interesting screenplay to match the story. His inexperience in a way mars the impact of the film. The music by Chakri is also below average. The poor screenplay and weak direction make the film into just an average movie. Watch the film for Daggubati Rana and Genelia.

Review: Naa Istham : Konchem Kastham
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