Arjun Suravaram Review

Movie : Arjun Suravaram

Rating: 2.75/5

DirectorT. N. Santhosh

Behind the Scenes:

Nikhil’s Arjun Suravaram is being bogged down by repeated postponements. The movie is delayed by more than a year and it has lost all of its sheens. The movie was recently brought out of cold storage and is released in theaters today. Let us see how the movie is received by the audience.


Arjun Suravaram (Nikhil) is a journalist who finds himself trapped in a forgery case. While trying to crack the case, Arjun and his colleagues get into the bottom of a fake certificates’ case wherein several big heads are involved. The rest of the story is how Arjun solves this case and get out of his own case in the process.


Nikhil is a good fit in the role of an aggressive journalist and walks through the role effortlessly. Lavanya Tripathi looks cute but her character is limited in the film. Comedian Satya as Nikhil’s friend and Vennela Kishore are okay in their roles. Tarun Arora is seen the baddie and has come up with an okay performance. Most of the scenes about the hero and villain’s confrontation and they have come out well. The rest of the characters are okay.

Technical Performances:

Arjun Suravaram is an official remake of Tamil film, Kanithan. The Original Director TN Santosh is brought in for the remake as well and he almost made a copy-paste with a few minor changes in Telugu too. Even though the point is novel, the narration gets serious very often. The background score is terrific and the camera work suits the tone of the story. Editing is fine and the Production values are appropriate.


The first twenty minutes of the film is slow but as the story begins it gets engaging. The serious crime drama is focused on the facts behind the signature and fake certificate mafia. The confrontation scenes between the hero and the villain make the proceedings interesting. But then, the movie is not everyone’s cup of tea since it lacks commercial elements and the non-commercial format. Given that there is no competition, the movie is likely to fare well in Multiplexes and A centers.

Movie Marks:

Arjun Suravaram: Serious and Engaging but Lacks Commercial Elements

Cast and Crew

Cast : Nikhil Siddharth, Lavanya Tripati, Tarun Arora,Nagineedu,Veenala Kishore and Others.

Director: T. N. Santhosh

Music director: Sam C. S.

Producers: Akella Rajkumar, Kaviya Venugopal

Release Date 29th November 2019