Revolt Against Naresh in MAA

Controversies are continuing to haunt the Movie Artists Association (MAA). We all know about the ruckus created by Rajasekhar, which led to his resignation. Now, 15 Executive members headed by General Secretary, Jeevitha had complained to the Disciplinary Committee about President Naresh’s high-headedness. They submitted a nine pages letter to Disciplinary Committee about Naresh’s behavior.

They also allege that he is infringing on the rules at every move. They also say that he is not even visiting if MAA members are in hospital. Interestingly, they also say that Naresh made false allegations on former President, Shivaji Raja. It has to be seen what the disciplinary committee will do about this complaint. The disciplinary committee was formed recently, and Krishnam Raju, Chiranjeevi, Murali Mohan, Mohan Babu, and Jaya Sudha are the members.