Actress Shocking Comments on Jagan and Pawan

RGV Actress Sri Rapaka comments on Pawan Kalyan

RGV released a short movie recently on his ATT platform titled Naked which did well and earned him profits. The film starred actress named Sri Rapaka who flaunted her asses liberally and became a crowd favorite. These days she is doing interviews for social media channels and making some sensational comments on AP politics.

In a recent interview, Sri Rapaka said, ” YS Jagan is doing extremely well as AP Chief Minister. He is handling the COVID situation very effectively. He is also standing by farmers in these tough times and that is appreciable. The YCP government’s farmer-centric schemes are very helpful to those in need.”

On the other hand, she had this to say about Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. ” I also like Pawan Kalyan as a person. His ideology is right. But he is being utilized for someone else’s political gain and that is costing him big time.”

We previously reported that the makers of Bigg Boss were also trying to rope in Sri Rapaka for the show but they backed out after she quoted a whopping 1 Lakh per day remuneration for the show.