“I dedicate Lakshmi’s NTR to Balayya”

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Last updated on March 31st, 2019 at 04:37 pm

It is well known fact that Nandamuri Balakrishna had approached RGV for the NTR Biopic in 2016. But creative differences cropped up and NBK went ahead with Teja and then later Krish came to direct the ill fated biopic.

In the recent Simha Garjana event to promote Lakshmi’s NTR, RGV revealed that he wanted to add the Lakshmi Parvathi episode in the biopic to which Balakrishna refused and hence RGV was dropped out of the project.

But the seed was planted in RGV’s mind and he kinda wanted to take sweet revenge on Balakrishna by making his own version of NTR biopic focussing mainly on Lakshmi Parvathi and Chandrababu Naidu backstabbing NTR episodes.

Further RGV said, “Yes, if Balakrishna didn’t approach me for the NTR biopic I would have never come up with the idea of Lakshmi’s NTR.  So in that way I dedicate Lakshmi’s NTR to Balakrishna because this movie happened because of him’

Lakshmi’s NTR is already creating headache for NBK and TDP cadre about how this film might affect their party position in the upcoming elections. Now RGV dedicating this movie to Balakrishna is only adding salt to the injury.

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