RGV Degrading Himself With Powerstar?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is the one actor who has maintained the same craze even though he hasn’t had a single hit in 10 Years. Not only in Movies, but Pawan Kalyan also repeated the same in Politics. Although he has lost in the last general elections, he is standing on people’s side whenever there is a need of questioning. Unlike his aggressive nature, Pawan Kalyan is maintaining a cool attitude, although some sections of media and others are targeting him pointlessly. RGV is one among them. Right from the past couple of years, the ace director is targeting Pawan.

Shockingly he even came up with a film titled Powerstar to poke Pawan Kalyan. The director even dragged Pawan’s wife into the mix. In one of the scenes in the trailer, Pawan gets a call from Pune (hinting at Renu Desai’s call), and his present wife argues with him about it. Many are wondering how low RGV can stoop for the sake of attention. However, the director has to understand the truth that this propaganda movie can do nothing to Pawan’s charisma or his brand Image.