RGV Desperate To Sell Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu


It is known to our readers that the Regional Censor Board in Hyderabad felt that Ram Gopal Varma’s Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu content is highly objectionable. They are of the opinion that many scenes in the movie need to be chopped off or blurred or muted. We are told that they have suggested as many as 92 cuts for the film. With Ram Gopal Varma not agreeing to the recommended cuts, the movie is now referred to as a revising committee.

On the other side, Trade is not at all interested in the film. We are told that Ramu had decided to give the rights of his other film, Beautiful, for free for those who buy KRKR rights. It has to be seen if this offer will propel the demand. Ajay Mysore Productions and Tiger Company Productions are jointly producing Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu. Sirasri has been writing the lyrics, and Ravi Shankar is composing the music. The movie is directed by Siddhartha Thatholu and written by Ram Gopal Varma.