RGV Fixed Date to Reveal Nag Film Details

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is currently in deep troubles with legal cases due to his short film GST (God-Sex-Truth). Women welfare organizations are making a strong demand for his arrest and buzzes are spreading the Police who are investigating the case will arrest him soon.

Now, it seems like RGV who doesn’t care about any legal issues is concentrating on forthcoming undershooting film with King Nagarjuna in lead. It is known that after classical films like ‘Shiva’ and ‘Govinda Govinda’, Controversial director, Ram Gopal Varma, and King Nagarjuna are joining hands after 27 years.

The film shooting is progressing at a brisk pace in Mumbai. The film completed most of it shoot and left with the only climax. A while ago RGV announced on his Twitter page that Nag film title, first look and release date will be announced on tomorrow.

He releases Title- First Look- Release date announcement poster and tweeted as, “The title and the release date of my most ambitious combo film with Nagarjuna #NagRGV4 is going to be finally announced @2 pm tomorrow https://twitter.com/RGV_COMPANY/status/967315304371179521 … Hey @iamnagarjuna 💐💐💐🤝👍👊.”

King Nagarjuna who is excited about this project made re-tweet as, “Only the action climax left to shoot for #NagRGV4 / I am excited looking at @RGVzoomin ‘s 👉👉��excitement😁”.

RGV who minted all hopes on the film continued the conversion with Nagarjuna on social media thread, “Hey @iamnagarjuna please save some kicks after kicking the villain in the climax to kick me in real life if I don’t make you super proud with #NagRGV4 💪💪💪.”

Now RGV tweet is creating many doubts among Nag fans. Is RGV really confident on film success and he knows that the film may not run like his recent release? Some of Nagarjuna fans making comments on social media that they will Kick RGV if he didn’t make the film well. Let us wait for few more days to know who will kick whom?

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