Is RGV Following Rajamouli?

Is Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) following Creative genius SS Rajamouli!!!! Don’t think that RGV making a film on visual effects (or) any high budget visual grandeur. The news is RGV following Rajamouli for heaping praises on the actor who worked with him earlier. But the twist here is Rajamouli given gigantic success to the actor where RGV given disaster flops to him.

The actor is none other than Rana Dagubatti!!! It is known that Rana suffered from RGV’s flop stroke with Bollywood film “Department”!!! However, with Rana’s latest release Nene Raju Nene Mantri going great guns at the box office, recently Rajamouli praised Rana through his twitter page and now it’s time for RGV. RGV is flooding him with tweet loves.

He came with the following post on his Facebook account.

“Entire two telugu states are only talking about Rana and they seemed to have even forgotten the names of the lead actors of the other two films which released along with NRNM

Rana always had his looks and his Bahubalian personality but in NRNM it is his acting what the whole audience is celebrating and what can be a greater combination than Greek god looks and a super duper performing ability …A girl msgd me saying Rana in NRNM neither Lie’s nor Jai’s …He just Magic”

“Apart from the collections and the various degrees of reviews of all 3 films Lie JJN and NRNM,unanimously the only actor who is being talked about is Rana which is a super testimony of Teja’s directorial ability which he ably demonstrated even on a rank newcomer from the street in Jayam ..Teja by far is the ablest director in extracting performances and him getting Rana the ultimate in screen presence is just double dhamaka “

Many are wondering that in recent times RGV stopped targeting film people and he started praising the film industry.