RGV hurts Vijay Deverakonda Fans

RGV hurts deverakonda fans

RGV infamous for his controversial tweets is no new scoop. If he favors a person, star or a party he will go to any lengths to support them earning the wrath of other parties involved. RGV is fond of Puri Jagannadh and everyone knows about this. iSmart Shankar’s success was celebrated by RGV more than Puri Jagannadh or the team of iSmart.

Recently he posted a controversial statement that has hurt Vijay Deverakonda fans. He quoted the collections of a website portal which showed iSmart Shankar’s second-week day-wise collections were better than Deverakonda’s Dear Comrade’s first week day-wise collections, saying “is issmart shankar more Issmart than nonissmart comrade or is nonissmart comrade not more issmart than Shankar? Truth only RAM’s VIJAYam knows.”

For this statement, RGV was trolled severely by the netizens. One of them said, “It is such a disgrace that you are demoralizing a quality content film by comparing it to a commercial entertainer. I can’t believe an uncontent man like you made content films then and making uncontent statements now. Content cannot be a content for an uncontent man like you.”

While some other person replied, “is Dear Comrade more sensible to senseless Shankar’s or Senseless Shankar’s are not more sensible to the Dear Comrades? Truth VIJAY’s follower RAM aka @RGVzoomin knows”

Whatever might be the outcome of this episode… RGV will enjoy the trolling like a BOSS!