RGV and Nagarjuna’s Officer Review

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Movie: Officer

Rating: 1.75/5.0

Story and Direction: Ram Gopal Varma

Behind the Screens:

King Nagarjuna and Sensational Director Ram Gopal Varma who have delivered classics like Shiva and Antham are joining hands once again after two decades for ‘Officer’. The movie comes at the time when RGV is at the lowest point of his career. Let us see how the movie releasing today fares with the audience.


Shivaji Rao (Nagarjuna) is a dynamic Police Officer who is appointed as the SIT Officer to solve the case of Narayana Pasari (Feroz Abbasi) Fake Encounter in Mumbai. Shivaji Rao declares it as a Fake Encounter and Narayana Pasari is offended with it and tries to take revenge on Shivaji Rao and his team. How did they target him and how it pans out at the end? forms the rest of the story.

Star Shine:

Nagarjuna looked Fit in the role of a Police Officer and also acted well in the role. Feroz is natural as Narayana Pasari. Myra Sareen, the heroine is just for the sake of having a heroine. Baby Kavya who was seen as Nagarjuna’s Daughter did very well. The rest of the characters are poorly etched by the director.


Ram Gopal Varma who used to be very technically sound once is resorting to Weird Camera Angles these days. The Screenplay is good in the first half but then it goes completely wayward in the second half. Ram Gopal Varma has failed both as a Writer and Director. Even though there is no much scope for the songs, they have embedded a couple of them and they are not great. The much-talked-about Sound is not as great as they publicized. The camera work is good but Poor Production Values mars the film.


Ram Gopal Varma has touched his core subjects of Mafia, Underworld, and Police in the film. The film started off on an interesting note about the internal investigation of the Police Department. The first half manages to create some interest but then it goes down the hill once the second half begins. The confrontation between the hero and villains is quite routine which bores the audience to the core. Chases and Fights are stuffed unnecessarily just for the sake of having them. The climax is even disappointing.

Movie Marks:

Officer – Ram Gopal Varma Disappoints Yet Again


Cast: Nagarjuna, Myra Sareen, Baby Kavya, Feroz, and Others

Writing and Direction: Ram Gopal Varma

Producer: Ram Gopal Varma and Sudheer Chandra

DOP: Bharat Vyas and Rahul Penmatsa

Music: Ravi Shankar

Editor: Anwar Ali and R Kamal

Banner: R-Company

Release Date: 1st June 2018

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