RGV on Pokiri : After Pawan Fans It’s Time for Mahesh Fans?

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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is known for making controversial statements, even his compliments indirectly target some other person. After Mega family especially Pawan Kalyan, now he started targeting Mahesh Babu and his fans.

It is known Super Star Mahesh Babu’ s ‘Pokiri’ which was released in 2006 has created history with record collections at the time of it’s release. And it is an open fact that Pokiri is career turning point film for director Puri Jagannath.

RGV said that Puri – Mahesh’s ‘Pokiri’ is a big flop which indirectly hurt Mahesh fans. Going into the news, yesterday RGV watched parts of Puri Jagannath’s forthcoming film ‘Mehbooba’ and compared the film with Mahesh ‘Pokiri’. After watching some scenes of ‘Mehbooba’ he tweeted, ‘I just saw parts of  @purijagan ‘s Mehbooba and I strongly feel @urstrulyMahesh ‘s Pokiri is a flop in comparison ..Could be becos of his love for his son that he made this film so fucking special ..Whatever reason it’s FUCKING looking EPIC 🙏’.

Mahesh got anger with his comments comparing yet to be actor Puri’s Son Akash Puri film with top star Mahesh’s film that too with ‘Pokiri’. Some of Mahesh fans started targeting RGV through social networking pages.

The twist and tale in this story are, director Puri Jagannath overwhelmed with RGV’s comparison of ‘Mehbooba’ with ‘Pokiri’. He expressed his happiness on Twitter, “First time my boss considered me as a film maker. That’s my biggest compliment in my life. Lov u sir.”

We need to wait and see how Mahesh fans react to Puri’s supporting comments on RGV’s tweets.

‘Mehbooba’ is a romantic love story about a young boy and a young girl in the turbulent times of war and was set against the backdrop of the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Puri claims the script to be his highly intense and passionate love story for the first time ever which is completely out of his repertoire of ideas.

Sandeep Chowta is the film’s music composer. Puri himself is producing the movie under Puri Jagannadh Touring Talkies banner. The film is Puri’s 33rd film. And the buzz is that his entire family is supporting Puri to bounce back in his career.  Watch this space for more interesting updates regarding this film.

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