RGV Surprises Everyone With Power Star

RGV Power Star Review: Doesn't Degrade Pawan Kalyan

Controversy’s favorite child Rm Gopal Varma came up with a short film titled Powerstar which was supposed to be degrading Pawan Kalyan and highlighting his utter flop show in AP elections 2019.

The film which was premiered on his private OTT platform opened to negative reviews and was trashed by the critics and audiences alike. But one thing which surprised many was the film didn’t actually show Pawan in a poor light. He has been shown as someone who is innocent and pure. He believed all the wrong people around him which lead to his dismal defeat in the elections. The film was a harmless satire and didn’t degrade Pawan Kalyan instead it highlighted the mistakes he committed by trusting some of his close aides. RGV himself turned up in the climax of the movie claiming to be Pawan’s biggest fan and make him realize his true power which can do wonders in the elections if he uses it properly.

The film is atrocious with poor production values and insipid direction but definitely not anti-Pawan Kalyan which it looked like going by the trailers.