RGV Provoking Pawan Kalyan fans

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Ace director Ram Gopal Varma will always get happiness by rubbing the wrong side of Pawan Kalyan fans.  Ram Gopal Varma has once again in news by provoking Pawan Kalyan fans for “Officer” publicity. Recently Ram Gopal Varma has unveiled the trailer of his upcoming entertainer “Officer” starring Nagarjuna.

the trailer is getting a lukewarm response from the audience for its regular and boring cut. The trailer received 11 k dislikes from all corners. But RGV put the blame On Pawan Kalyan fans for getting   11 k dislikes in social media.

Here is the series of tweets from RGV

“As a fan,I am shocked and feel sad for @Pawankalyan that he has only 11 k fans ..That’s because @Iamnagarjuna ‘s #Officer teaser 2 has only 11 k dislikes. @iamnagarjuna ‘s #Officer ‘s warning to @PawanKalyan ‘s fans is to put more dislikes on # Officer.

As fans of Pk we request @janasenaparty to take this seriously as it might make the voters feel in nearly 11 crore people he has only 11 thousand fans. If @PawanKalyan has only 11 thousand followers in a population of nearly 11 crores, #JanasenaParty should take serious steps for their party not to become a bigger disaster then #Prajarajyam ..I and @iamnagarjuna ‘s #Officer demand that as fans of P K.”

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