RGV Readies A Backup Title for KRKR

Ram Gopal Varma’s Latest Controversial film, Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Redlu, has confirmed its arrival. The movie is releasing on November 29th. The makers are yet to finish their censor formalities. There were speculations that the Censor Board may issue a red flag to the film and may even insist on changing the controversial title.

Ram Gopal Varma, in an interview, revealed that he even has a backup title in such a case. The backup title is ‘Makka Rajyamlo Dakapa Reddlu.’ Ajay Mysore Productions and Tiger Company Productions are jointly producing the film. Sirasri has been writing the lyrics, and Ravi Shankar is composing the music. The movie is directed by Siddhartha Thatholu and written by Ram Gopal Varma.