RGV To Start His Unschool Soon

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Maverick Director Ram Gopal Varma who is facing rough phase in his film journey is going to kick starts his new journey soon. He is going to kick start film school named as ‘Unschool’. It is an open fact that Ram Gopal Varma has lost his shine and is now the pale comparison of his glorious past when he came with technically brilliant and critically acclaimed films.

However one cannot forget that RGV inspired many top directors like Krishna Vamsi, Puri Jagannath, Guna Sekhar and Teja to attain stardom after working under him. RGV has tried to introduce several new methods to change the way films are made and distributed in recent past. RGV is the one who proved that anyone can make a film with a small camera and he proved it by making ‘Dongala Muta’ with small cameras. Unfortunately, none of his ideas worked out well.

Yesterday, he made an interesting announcement on his twitter page that he is going to start Film institute soon.  He tweeted, ‘Along with New York-based Dr.Ram Swaroop and Dr. Swetha Reddy, I am starting a Film School called RGV UNSCHOOL  …Details will be given at a press meet tomorrow.’ He will announce more details in a press meet about his film school today at 2 PM at Hotel Daspalla, Hyderabad.

rgv start unschool soon

In meanwhile he is busy with promotions of his forthcoming film which is all set for grand release on June 1st.  Watch this space for more updates.

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