RGV Turned As A Rickshaw Puller

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Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma’s much-awaited movie Lakshmi’s NTR is scheduled to release on 29th of this month. But if we look into the present scenario, the release date might postpone to a later date. The suspense regarding the release of this film will be clarified by tomorrow, i.e. one day before the scheduled release date.

RGV who is an expert in pushing his film into the audience have planned for a pre-release event, but that did not happen due to the release issue running now. The director now turned rickshaw puller and promoting his film among the audience. Don’t get shocked on reading this the director has created an animated video in which he appeared as a rickshaw puller. RGV shared this on his social media handle and is trending now. It looks like the director is trying something different to push the film into the audience.

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