RGV’s GST will put negative impact on Nag-RGV film?

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Is Ram Gopal Varma addicted to porn? Is really RGV’s GST (God, Sex, and Truth) will create a negative impact on youth? If we had a look at the debates of RGV’s recent debates in leading news channels it looks the above questions are true. In one of the debates in a leading television channel sexologist Samaram too concluded the above statements.

However, we all know that Ram Gopal Varma will always do what he wants too without any second thoughts. He never cares about anyone and do what he feels right. He has proved this once again with his film God, Sex and Truth.

Although God, Sex, and Truth, directed by Ram Gopal Varma, features adult star Mia Malkova is receiving huge stir from some corners he is not even caring about that. Some section of women organizations are describing RGV as sex Syco and some are describing him as illiterate.

Whatever it may be the ongoing scenario is making Akkineni fans Sleepless. They are fearing that will this GST show a negative impact on RGV – Nagarjuna’s upcoming entertainer. We have to wait and see what will happen in future.

On the other hand, RGV – Nagarjuna’s upcoming entertainer is the landmark 100th film for Nagarjuna including Guest Roles. The movie will release in April as Summer Special. Sources tell us that April 20th is the planned release date.  Ram Gopal Varma’s Company will be bankrolling this prestigious project.

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