RGV’s Heartbreaking Messages on Sridevi’s Death

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Atiloka Sundari Sridevi’s sudden demise shocked entire India. She left her last breathe in Dubai at 11:30 PM (Local time), 1:00 AM Sunday Indian Time due to massive cardiac arrest. Many are still in a daze of shock and struck with tears. Apart from the film fraternity, fans, friend’s even politicians, and top business circles are hooked with news and mourn on her sudden death. PM Narender Modi, Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi, etc., expressed their deep grief through social media.

In the meantime maverick director Ram Gopal Varma who is a hardcore fan of Sridevi starting posting a heartbreaking message on his twitter pages and blaming almighty. RGV showed his anger over Almighty for taking away Atiloka Sundari. And expressed his fury in a flurry of tweets.  He also posts series of photos of Sridevi during days of his films.

Here is his series of heartbreaking tweets.

Never hated God more than today ..The bastard just extinguished the brightest of lights ..my heart goes out to Boney Kapoor

Is Sridevi really dead? Can somebody wake me up and tell me that it’s just a bad dream?🙏🙏🙏

Can somebody tell me how in hell can she just go away like that???


Why are you crying Sridevi? We are the only ones who should be doing that for what you did to us!

One of the main reasons for me coming into films was my desire to see her up close in real ..Kshanakshanam film was my love letter to Sridevi..

Me and Sridevi with Lord Balaji… Aey Balaji why did u take only her away and left me here?

Kshanakshanam shooting lo oka adbhutamaina expression ichchinanduku thana kaallaki dannam peduthunte addukuntunna Venkatesh

Amma brahmma devudo ..neekem poyye kaalamochchiro .. naa kompa munchinaavuro

He Posted the below Picture and tweeted… Venkatesh,Me and Sridevi….

The best song I ever shot in my career is this https://youtu.be/XG6fhfHk9zg   she brought life to each and every nuance of @mmkeeravaani ‘s song ..The entire choreography is just in her facial expressions.

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