Ritual Pooja’s at “Robot/Endhiran” theatres.

Rajinikanth fans went on frenzy as their much awaited film “Robot/ Endhiran” released worldwide on yesterday (October 1st) and it has became the red-lettered day in many a movie buffs diary ever since ‘Sun Pictures’ announced the release date.

The hero worship is not new to the residents of Chennai but this has reached world wide. Fans in Dubai went jubilant “over Robot/ Endhiran” release. Most of the theatres in world wore a festive look with the fans performing the customary milk abishegam and aarthis (Ritual Pooja’s) to their favorite star Rajinikanth cutouts.

We gather some information from the lucky few who have seen the movie, that there are not just two Rajinis in “Robot/Endhiran”. In the climax appears a third Rajini and this is the suspense that one should watch out for. Watch the film before someone breaks the surprise.

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Ritual Pooja’s at “Robot/Endhiran” theatres.
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