Rohini assists Singeetham

Actress –director-script writer-dubbing artist Rohini feels proud and happy to work as an assistant director to noted director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao for his forthcoming movie ‘Welcome Obama’ for which she has written the script for the movie. Speaking on her experiences with the director Singeetham, she says, direction is not a new to her because she has already directing a Tamil movie ‘Appavin meesai’ which is already completed two schedules and now working as assistant for the film ‘Welcome Obama’ is due to Singeetham, he insisted me to work with him. She said she knows Singeetham from child hood onwards and she always discussed scripts with him and he asked to write a script for his movie, then she wrote ‘Welcome Obama’ for which he has given green signal. During the 40 days shooting, she learnt many things from him. However denied to disclose the story of the movie and said she has a desire to direct and act in Telugu movies in future if she gets chance.