Rowdy Babu’s self-dabba at Maharshi event

Vijay deverakonda self dabba at maharshi event

Vijay Deverkonda has come a long way. His success story has been both inspirational and motivational. He getting invited to Superstar Mahesh’s 25th film Maharshi as a chief guest is an achievement in itself. Vijay Deverakonda’s speeches have always been entertaining with full of spunk. His accent also adds to the fun. He gave another entertaining speech at the Maharshi pre-release event. But it also came across as self-promoting to many.

Rowdy Babu mentioned that Mahesh tweeted about his films Pelli Choopulu and Arjun Reddy on social media, how he felt proud of his performance after Mahesh praised them. He also said he will continue giving better films and performances so that Mahesh can tweet about them. But the one comment which took the cake was when he mentioned Maharshi was releasing on 9th May which happens to be his birthday and he is also feeling the pressure of Maharshi success.

Nevertheless, the Deverakonda factor added a lot of fun to the event we must say!

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