Run Time Locked for Officer

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King Nagarjuna and Controversial Director Ram Gopal Varma’s Officer which was supposed to release on 25th of this month is postponed to June 1st due to technical reasons. The release date will help the film have a holiday on its second day in Nizam due to Telangana Formation Day. On the other side, we are told that the movie Run Time has arrived at 2 Hours 15 Minutes. Usually, it is a positive point for any film but all the films of Ram Gopal Varma are generally of less run time. The movie will be placed for the Censor Very Soon.
The duo who have delivered classic films like Shiva and Antham should pull off a wonder from here for the movie to appeal to the audience in the theaters. Nagarjuna will be seen as SIT Officer in this story based out in Mumbai. A newcomer Myra Sareen is romancing Nagarjuna in this film. Nagarjuna in a recent interview went on to say that he liked the film story very much and also revealed his role in the film which is based in Mumbai. “I play a cop who is straightforward, honest and the one who fights for the truth he believes in,” Nagarjuna said.

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