RX 100 Fails To Work There

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Small Film, RX 100 is super steady at the box office even in its second week. The movie has already breached the 10 Crore Share which means it is already a blockbuster resulting in 400% recovery. The movie is heading towards 500% Recovery or even more in its full run. Given that the movie is sold at shoestring rates in all the areas, the buyers are expected to make massive profits.

But then, the movie has ended up as a flop in the Overseas as it has just collected around $130K and its run is more or less complete. Besides the theatrical run, the Producers are going to mint huge money from the sale of satellite and digital rights of the movie as well. RX 100 with a no notable cast and crew made an impression on the audience with their aggressive promotions and hard-hitting promotional material. This performance of the movie has taken the Trade Pundits by surprise. It is expected to make some more money with no notable releases around the corner. With the movie becoming a sensational hit, there is a huge demand for the director Ajay Bhupathi. Buzz is that he may direct Young Hero Nithin next.

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