RX 100 Reaches The Break even Mark

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Small Film, RX 100 which released Thursday has got stunning openings in all the B and C Centers of both the Telugu States. This is despite the fact Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are affected by heavy rains. The openings are surprisingly good and even better than Mega Alludu Kalyaan Dhev’s debut movie, Vijetha in most places. RX 100 has collected around 2.5 Crores Share from both the Telugu states from the two days run so far. The makers have invested 2.7 Crore in the film which means the movie is already a breakeven by the Noon shows or Matinees today. Given that the movie is sold at shoestring rates in all the areas, the buyers are expected to make massive profits. The profits have already started flowing in from today and the weekend collections are expected to be massive.

RX 100 with a no notable cast and crew made an impression on the audience with their aggressive promotions and hard-hitting promotional material. This performance of the movie has taken the Trade Pundits by surprise. Vijetha not performing well and Chinababu unlike to have any big effect, it will be an advantage for RX 100 this weekend at the box office.

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