Saaho offer is Real or Fake?

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It’s known fact that Baahubali 2 creating sensation all over the world. Is it because of Prabhas or Rajamouli factor? This is also clear that it’s director’s movie and Rajamouli’s vision and dream turned out to be a sensation.

Now on the other hand Prabhas next movie producers UV Creations is trying cash this out and announced the movie Saaho with Rs.150 Cr for a routine action movie which trying to make in similar kinds of Bollywood film Dhoom. Teaser also released along with Baahubali 2 but nothing much hype created in front of Baahubali. So, UV Creations and team is leaking some feelers saying that Bollywood Distributors offering Rs.350 Cr to Rs.400 Cr. This news has become viral on social media.

Also, they reported that they are still thinking whether to accept this offer or not? For a Rs.150 Cr budget movie (not even 10% might have spent as of now) if you really have Rs.350 to Rs.400 Cr offer with straight more than Rs.200 Cr profit then what else you need and why will anyone think twice about it?

So, is it real or fake news? Anyone can clearly understand that it’s fake news. For a director which hardly did one medium budget movie and for a hero which didn’t gain super benefit out of Baahubali, on what basis any one can offer that huge amounts unless the motive of buyer’s is something different? So, far heroine also not finalized and movie shooting also not started. Just made one teaser like an “add” film and released into the market and trying to cash on Baahubali mania! As per market analysts and latest news it’s not real news.

We must wait and see for couple of more months for the real facts and what really is happening?

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