Blockbuster Comedy Combo Will Return Soon

Sapthagiri and Shakalaka Shankar combo coming back soon

The success of films like Prema Katha ChitraM, Raju Gari Gadhi, and Anando Brahma gave rise to comedian superstars like Sapthagiri and Shakalaka Shankar. They also featured together in many blockbuster films as comedians. Then the bug of getting launched as a hero bit them and then onwards their career has been on a downward trend. Though none of their movies as heroes incurred heavy losses like Sunil’s films.

In a recent interaction with the media, Sapthagiri revealed that he never said he will not accept comedian roles after becoming a hero. He aid, “Once you become a hero, people will assume that this fellow will not do small roles anymore. Whenever I got an opportunity I took it. You will see me soon in Orey Bujjiga, Tagithe Tandana, Krack and some more movies.” He also added that the Sapthagiri and Shakalaka Shankar combo will be back again soon to entertain the audiences.

Sapthagiri also revealed that vegetarianism and yoga are the secret of his energy and fitness.