Sarileru Neekevvaru Live Review

Sarileru Neekevvaru Live Review

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s much awaited mass entertainer Sarileru Neekevvaru Live Review starts in few minutes…12:30 AM IST

Sarileru Neekevvaru Live Review rating: 3/5

The second half more or less is in the same range as the first half. Some very good highs and then the film goes down a bit in some portions. After giving some good high-octane moments for fans the climax is completely unexpected. It is an anti-climax of sorts. Mahesh has done a phenomenal job and his performance is the biggest highlight of the movie. He is in his energetic elements like in Dookudu and Khaleja. Rashmika doesn’t impress much. The story doesn’t have any wow factor so Anil Ravipudi tried to sprinkle it with fan-pleasing moments. He must be given credit that whenever the film was going into lag he pulled a trick out of his hat like a magician and brought the film back into the business. But even he ran out of ideas by the time film reached its climax which has been his habit even in his previous films like F2. Vijayashanti’s aura and performance is another highlight of the film. The film gains some respect because of her graceful performance. The production values are good. DSP disappoints again in the music department but does a superb job with the BGM and re-recording. The film is a definitely one-time watch but we expect more comedy from Mahesh and Ravipudi combo going by their past reputation. The film will be a safe venture for everyone due to Mahesh coming back to mass genre which his fans will adore and the festive season. We have to wait and see what records it will break and if the other Sankranthi releases will have any impact on its BO prospects.

Punchline: Mahesh’s Mass Ka Dumm

3:30 AM: A weak climax brings down the excitement a bit. THE END

3:20 AM: Time for Sarileru Neekevvaru song as the movie heads towards the climax.

03:11 AM: Time for the Mindblock song which can be considered as the best mass song from Mahesh in recent times. Visually also very good. Mahesh after a long time puts efforts into dances. 

Some solid writing from Ravipudi who questions the Government’s credibility by comparing it to the Aadhar card burden levied on the common man.

03:03 AM: Mahesh gets hold of solid eveidence against Prakash Raj who was responsible for a big scam. Movie going on with a fine pace.

02:57 AM: Mahesh starts investigating the case which is the cause of all problems. Decent comedy going on between Mahesh, Rao Ramesh, Crime branch Koti Subbaraju and Vennela Kishore. Rashmika is spoiling the party a bit with her over acting.

02:45 AM: The movie again moving into the fun zone. Rashmika and her family enters into the scene along with Subbaraju and Vennela Kishore.

02:39 AM: ‘Suryudivo Chandrudivo’ Song with Mahesh and Vijayashanti family.

US Boxoffice Collections Sarileru Neekevvaru: $ 483,600 From 249 Locations (04:00 PM EST)

02:35 AM: Mahesh’s warning to Prakash Raj at his home after a fight. Good stuff from Ravipudi and fight masters Ram Lakshman. 

02:26 AM: It is revealed that Prakash Raj is hunting Vijayashanti’s family due to a case.

02:24 AM: Ajay depicts the fight scene to Praksh Raj. “Kurnool Kondareddi Buruju daggara Alluri Sitarama Raju ni choosananna….” Pure Fans stuff from Anil Ravipudi.

The first half of the movie can be called above average at best. The military episodes and the interval bang are good. The train episode starts as fun but could have been much better. The songs are so so. The second half holds the key for this film as the main story will reveal now. Let us see what Anil Ravipudi has in store for us.

02:11 AM: The much hyped Konda Reddy Burju Fight is going on between Mahesh and Ajay’s Gang and it is simply superb. This high voltage fight will send the fans into frenzy! INTERVAL

02:04 AM: Mahesh is on look out for Vijayashanti. Ajay is Prakash Raj’s henchmen and Posani is introduced as CI. 

02:00 AM: The story now shifts focus on Vijayashanti whose family is absconding.

01:55 AM: The train episode comes to an end. In one line, publicty peaks but comedy??? Bandla Ganesh what the fish was he doing??

01:51 AM: Time for ‘He is so cute’song.

01:41 AM: The comedy started on a good note but now the train episode is slightly losing the track (pun intended)

01:26 AM: The much hyped train episode starts. Rashmika enters whose marriage is fixed by her little sadist father Rao Ramesh. Sangeetha plays her mother. Hariteja and others form her female gang. There are ‘Jabardasth’ comedians also inside the train. Mahesh is travelling with Rajendra Prasad. The stage is set to create ultimate comedy.

01:14 AM: Mahesh leaving for Kurnool on a mission assigned to him. Prakash Raj entered as a minister who is like a comic villain. His interaction with Raghubabu trying to evoke some laughs.

01:10 AM: The Kids Rescue Operations will be a treat for Mahesh fans. Anil Ravipudi elevated Mahesh’s heroism nicely.

12:59 AM: Time for the Party song ‘Daang Daang.’ Mahesh and Tamannaah shaking their legs in this colorful number. Neatly done.

12:53 AM: Mahesh’s simple entry as Major Ajay Krishna in Kashmir. Rajendra Prasad is his colleague, more of a comic sidekick.

12:50 AM: Movie starts with Vijayashanti as strict college professor.

12:45 AM: Showtime Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Sarileru Neekevvaru