Sarocharu movie Review

Sarocharu movie Review

Movie :         Sarocharu

Rating :        3/5

Director :     Parasuram


Behind the screens:

Mass maharaja Raviteja who is reeling in string of flops this year is coming with a romantic entertainer ‘Saarocharu’ in Parasuram’s direction, who earlier presented ‘Anjaneyulu’ to him. He will be seen romancing with hot beauties Kajal Agarwal and Richa Gangopadhyaya and dancing to the tunes of dynamic Music director Devi Sri Prasad. Let us see what impact ‘Saarocharu’ made on movie lovers

Story Line:

Sandhya (Kajal) who is pursuing her education in Italy, is a bubbly gal who prides on her beauty and feels that others run after her and no one can be in sync with her to be her perfect match. However to her surprise she finds Karthik (Raviteja) who happens to be the carbon copy of her image and gets smitten by him. From then on, she tries to impress him during their journey from Italy to India. 

However when Karthik (Raviteja) informs her that he is a married person who divorced with his wife Vasudha (Richa), she feels pity for him. But she has more shocks for her in store as their journey progresses. What are those twists and where it will lead Sandhya has to be seen on big screen.

Star Shine:
Raviteja this time tried to shed away for his mass image and try for completely new class image. He came up trumps in the role emoting well, giving subdued expressions in a perfect manner without losing his focus on entertaining masses. Kajal is the real star in the film as she impressed all with her cute expressions and stunning beauty. She looked extremely awesome though she put on weight. Love track between Raviteja and Kajal came perfectly well and it is the highlight in the film. Raviteja’s dances are quite good though it may disappoint masses as energy of mass maharaja is surely missing.

Richa Gangopadhyaya looked hot in songs and she did not have much scope for performance. She was not that attractive opposite Raviteja. Nara Rohith came up with sedate performance as Kajal’s relative. MS.Narayana’s comedy was good while Chandra Mohan, Jayasudha and others did their job.

Movie Analysis:
Prasuram seems to have decided to project Raviteja in a new look giving him a new image which will have greater acceptance. Raviteja performed extremely well however Parasuram would have been handled in some more better way
. MS Narayana could have been used better as his scenes evoked laughter from viewers. He floundered in the climax and the second half with predictable story line though he included some twists from which he could have taken the story to different plane. 

Technical Values:
Production values of Vyjayanthi Movies and Three Angels Studios are fine. Songs of Devi Sri Prasad have been shot well and Back Ground score is ok. Cinematography of Vijay K Chakravarthy captured the beautiful locations of Italy. Editing of Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao should have been even better considering the slow pace of the film. 

Movie Marks:
Raviteja’s completely new look may loose connectivity with masses audiance but family and A centers viewers may be connected upto certain extent. Overall its OK to watch one time.

Directed by     Parasuram
Produced by     Priyanka Dutt
Written by     Parasuram
Starring     Raviteja
Kajal Agarwal
Richa Gangopadhyay
Nara Rohith
Music by     Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography     Vijay K Chakravarthy
Editing by     Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Studio     Vyjayanthi 
Three Angels Studio Pvt. Ltd.
Distributed by     Blue Sky
Release date(s)    

December 21, 2012

Sarocharu movie Review
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