PaRannaGeeVi: Loved By Pawan Kalyan Fans?

Satire on Ram Gopal Varma Parannageevi review is a dull fare

Bigg Boss contestant and self-proclaimed Pawan Kalyan Fan, Nutan Naidu has come up with a satirical film titled PaRannaGeeVi on controversial director Ram Gopal Varma to counter-attack his film Power Star which is supposed to degrade his idol Pawan Kalyan.

The film which was released on an ATT platform today has been receiving negative reviews. The general feedback is that a few Pawan Kalyan fans might get excited as the climax highlights Pawan’s political ideologies and degrade and expose RGV and his perverse mindset brutally. But other than that the film is torture for the common audience. The story has no head and tail and the production values are completely outdated. It is even worse than RGV’s Power Sta rin terms of entertainment.

Overall it can be said that both the spoofs have failed big time in providing engaging and entertaining content for the audience.