Satruvu movie review


Behind the screens

Family hero Srikanth has been trying for success on silver screen since long time. However it is eluding him and this time he is keen to show his power as ‘Shatruvu’. Let us see whether he makes any friends as Shatruvu or makes more enemies.

Story Line

Powerful Goonda Sankar (Srikanth) fall in love with Anu (Aksha) only to get into trouble with attacks from various anonymous groups. Later he finds out that Anu is the daughter of Mayor Aravind. Why she is on the run and why Aravind is attacking his daughter and those who come to save her has to be seen on the silver screen.

Star Shine

Srikanth came up with spirited performance and so is the case with heroine Aksha. Aksha is good in looks but her heavy figure made her awkward and she did not get much scope for performance. Other stars like Duvvasi Mohan, Raghu Babu etc tried to entertain viewers with their comedy track which is filled with double meaning dialogues.


 Director NSR.Prasad did not try to be different by selecting tried and tested formula of mass entertainers with fights,songs etc. He tried to narrate the same in a different manner with his screen play but failed miserably. His failure in direction, screen play is the main draw back in the film. Everything in the film looks routine and monotonous. Right from Srikanth’s role to heroine and comedy track.

There is an impression that he concentrated his efforts on other areas while important scenes and climax let everyone down. WHile the first half is filled with romance, comedy and good music, everything went for a toss with insipid screen play.

Some how he managed to create interest at the end of first half but with the start of the second half all that evoporates with in seconds. His inexperience is stamped all over the film.


Gana’s music is fine while action and stunt sequences are caned well. Choreography in songs is good. Cinematography of Rasool is ok but editing of Nagi Reddy could have been even better.Production values are ok.

Movie Marks

Srikanth is just increasing his number of films but unless until he pays attention to quality, success will continue to elude him.



Cast-Srikanth,Aksha,Giribabu,Chalapathi Rao,Raghu Babu,Duvvasi Mohan,Madhulika,Rena



Editing-V.Nagi Reddy
Art-VN.Sai Mani
Lyrics-Chandra Bose
Producers-BS.Rami Reddy,NSR.Prasad

Banner-VSR.Productions banner
Release Date-24/1/2013