Savaari Reached Break-Even Is it True?

Present Days the success rate in Tollywood is very low. Gone are the golden days when films got screened for 175 days, some movies are even screened for 365 days. But at present, due to digital platforms, many films are finding it tough to reach the breakeven mark. The audience is opting to watch the movie at home itself as the films are getting released in digital platforms within four weeks of its release. But here is a small film titled Savaari, which got released this Friday has reached breakeven in just two days. Don’t get shocked although we don’t know the truth Makers claimed that the film had reached break-even point within two days of its release. Now, this is raising many eyebrows.

Savaari Reached Break-Even Is it True

The film got mixed reviews; many are wondering how the film reached break-even in Two days. As the producers haven’t released the film’s budget, theatricals cost, and area-wise collections break-up, many are questioning how they can claim that the film has reached the break-even point. With all this, the producers have turned as laughing stock in social media.