Savaari Live Review

Savaari, the upcoming film of Nandu and Priyanka Sharma, is all set for a grand release. Saahith Mothukuri has directed the venture while Santosh Mothukuri and Nishank Reddy Kudithi bankrolled it.

MyFirstShow Savaari Live Review rating: 1.5/5

Final Report: The first half is bad and second half is worse. It is a mystery how such a story got approved in the first place. The emotional scenes makes us laugh and the comedy scenes makes us cry. Nandu has given a jhakaas performance but he needs to choose his scripts wisely. Wasting his talent in films like Savaari will bring his career down. Priyanka Sharma looks and acts well. Other actors mostly newcomers are pretty bland in their performance. The production values are very poor and short films have better standards these days. The music is the only plus point in this boring journey of a film. Overall Savaari is unwatchable.

Punchline: Don’t Take This Ride!

8:54 AM: The movie ends on a happy note. THE END.

8:45 AM: The film is heading towards climax with some comic fight scenes going on.

8:40 AM: Bhagi’s family comes to know of her relationship with Nandu and they take her back home. Some emotional scenes going on.

8:25 AM: Bhagi’s plan works out. Time for the Savaari Chey song.

8:15 AM: Bhagi has a new scheme to earn more money for Badshah’s surgery.

7:58 AM: Heroine gets impressed by Nandu’s good heart and falls in love. Time for Undipova song. Best song of the film.

7:55 AM: Nandu finds his Badshah. It is revealed that Badshah has a heart problem and Nandu needs 6 lakhs for surgery. So he is saving money to arrange that amount.

First Half Report: The film has nothing to offer till now. The slow pace also kills the mood for the viewers. Nandu has given a good performance and heroine Priyanka Sharma is also decent but goes overboard at many places. The music is just about okay. If the second half doesn’t turn out to be miles better than the first half then this Savaari will end its journey pretty soon at the box office. 

7:45 AM: Nandu goes in search of the horse Badshah. INTERVAL.

7:42 AM: The villain kidnaps the groom and Badshah instead of Nandu by mistake.

7:29 AM: Bhagi becomes unconscious after getting drunk. Nandu takes her home. Bhagi’s ex BF gives contract to Villain to kidnap Nandu.

The film is heading no where as of now as the comedy scenes falling flat. The story has no head or tail.

7:15 AM: Some fun scenes going on between Nandu and Bhagi. Bhagi doesn’t like Nandu stalking her.

7:07 AM: Time for Nee Kanulu song. Typical village style song picturized well.

7:00 AM: Heroine enters as Bhagi who has just run away from her marriage and meets Nandu.

6:51 AM: Nandu is introduced along with his horse Badshah who picks and drops Savaari in marriage functions.

6:49 AM: The movie starts with a flashback …6 months ago! Song Deedar Rab se pop up!

6:45 AM: Showtime Savaari

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