School Holidays Bumper Offer to Bharat Ane Nenu

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Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Bharat Ane Nenu has a good opening on its release day. The movie has collected around 21.75 Crore Share from both the Telugu States on the day-1. It is the career-best number for Mahesh Babu. The movie has managed the non-Baahubali record only in Krishna and Guntur areas. Given that the talk and reviews are good, the movie is expected to have a fantastic first-weekend run. Trade Experts are expecting the movie to be the second 100 Crore Share film for Tollywood this summer after Rangasthalam. Mahesh fans are expecting nothing less than a non-Baahubali industry hit. Let us see if that happens. This weekend run should give us an idea about its long-run prospects.
The movie’s Pre-Release Business has arrived at 140 Crore. The Worldwide Theatricals of the film was valued at a whopping 100 Crore. That is the amount the movie has to collect from its Worldwide theatrical run to be termed as a hit venture. The movie has collected around 1.5 Million Dollars Gross at the USA Box Office on its first day (including Premieres). With the movie collecting around 32 Crore Worldwide on its first day, it has already recovered 32% of its Pre-Release Business. All the schools in both the Telugu States will be closed from tomorrow to the Second Week of June and so we can expect some firework from Mahesh Babu in the next few days.

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