Sea Change in Tollywood's Sentiments

Sea Change in Tollywood’s Sentiments

Film Industry has some unique sentiments and even tollywood is not new for them. They have sentiments like hit pair, flop pair and even brand heroines, heroes and directors depending on their success or flop ratios. For years Tollywood had the notion of first film sentiment for directors. Tollywood believed that directors who scored a hit can not recreate the same in their next film.

Industry cites examples of top directors Puri Jagannath, Dasarath, Sukumar so support their reasoning. Puri Jagannath after scoring a hit with ‘Badri’ bit dust with his next film ‘Bachi’. Similar is the case with Dasarath who hit success formular with ‘Santosham’ but came back to square one with ‘Sambaram’. Similar is the case with Sukumar with ‘Arya’ beaing a sensational hit while ‘Jagadam’ proved to be his nemesis.

Now young directors in tollywood bucked the trend with Harish Shankar leading the way. Harish who recieved shock of his life with his debut film ‘Shock’ made a terrific comeback with hit like ‘Mirapakaya’ which landed him with crazy projects like ‘Gabbar Singh’ with Power Star Pawan Kalyan and another film with Young Tiger NTR.Similar is the story of Vamsi Pydipalli who opened his account with disastrous ‘Munna’ but hit success track with ‘Brindavanam’.

Not to forget Saravanan of ‘Journey’ fame who couldn’t find producers for his hit film after his initial flop of ‘Ganesh’. It was left for Murugadoss to bail him out and now he is a much sought after director. Sobhan also tasted success with ‘Varsham’ after his first flop of ‘Chanti’. Tollywood may have its own sentiments but it is the creativity and innovativeness in film’s story and strong script that results in changing trend in tollywood.

Sea Change in Tollywood’s Sentiments
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