Secret of Chiru-Puri film negative rumours

Directing Mega Star Chiranjeevi is a golden opportunity and no one will let go if given a chance. Puri Jagannath got a chance to direct Chiranjeevi’s milestone 150th film even though many top directors dreamed of it. But right from the start negative publicity started hitting him with rumours of him getting replaced from the project. 

Many are wondering who is behind the negative publicity. Tollywood is abuzz with rumours that people who hate Puri and his detractors are spreading these rumours. But some say his newly built luxurious office is responsible for the rumours. Puri spent a whopping 20crs to get the beautiful cave shaped office.

The office has DVD library, book library and space to finish photo shoot and also a Spanish bar.Most of the hero, heroines spend time in their free time at his office. People who envy this are spreading rumours on Puri. It has to be seen how Puri will answer these rumours.