Senior Actor Says Its Impossible To Maintain Social Distancing

An actor maintaining social distance is a tough task, and we have to accept the fact. It’s not possible to wear face masks for actors during the scenes. Senior actor and MAA President VK Naresh has opinioned the same while speaking about the guidelines of a meeting between the representatives of the Telugu film industry and the Telangana government.

Naresh stated that the technicians can follow the guidelines like using facemasks and maintaining social distance. But actors can’t maintain social distance as they have to come in contact with make-up artists every day. Naresh also said, “One good thing is that the government has left it to the film industry to frame its own guidelines. We have requested the government to assign an observer for every film unit so that a watch can be maintained on whether crew members are wearing PPE suits, etc. We shall do whatever it takes to save the industry”.