Sevakudu Movie Review

Movie :           Sevakudu

Rating :          2/5

Director :        V.Samudra

Producer :      N.Sudhakar


Behind the screens

Srikanth who did not have success this time came as ‘Sevakudu’ to test his luck. The film came out of its release problems till last minute and hit the screens .Let us see what service Srikanth did as sevakudu.

Story Line

Surya (Srikanth) son of Ramachandrayyah (Nasser) SI in Vijayawada, though forced to take on civils, believes that present system in the Country should be changed for better. While his father is a strong advocate of law and order and respect police force, nurturing one day his son would don the Khaki colour, Surya has his own style of dealing with goons. 

Things take a different turn when NRI Lakshmi Krishna Prasad (Krishna) who comes to serve his state of Andhra Pradesh and India by establishing schools and hospitals for poor and serve them with out taking a penny. He meets CM (Vijayachander) who grants him lands encroached by politician Balaram Jadoo(Pradeep Rawat) in Vijayawada. 

This invites wrath of the politician and what happens next has to be watched on big screen.

Star Shine

Srikanth is tailor made for the role and his dialogue delivery is fine. His dances attract masses. Charmi’s role in the film is minimal but she shone well. Nasser stole the show with his emotional and serious action. Others did their roles to perfection. Krishna and Manjula sizzled as dad and daughter in the film.Manjula’s accent and dubbing did not suit well and even Krishna delivered his dialogues in a meek manner but he did his role with ease and perfection.


Director Samudra got a good script but tried to say too many things in just two hours. While in the first half much of the time is wasted in hero, heroine intro and Krishna flying to India, with little bit of comedy scenes forcibly inserted in the narration. Even songs are placed at wrong places acting as speed breakers.

Film suffers from lack of logic and weak screen play. One wonders what happened to Srikanth’s vow to his father to become a cop and be a part of system rather than take system in his hands. Even some scenes in second half tests people’s patience making mockery of their knowledge with Manjula asking for Vijaywada lease with entire powers to be entrusted and PM and President heeding to the request. 

Director thought of giving solution to all burning problems in the society which is not possible and in the end messed up with the film. Over violence spoiled the show.


Production values are ok. Srikanth Deva’s music is average and BGM is fine. Editing could have been better and the film could have been trimmed. Choreography is ok. Stunts are average. 

Movie Marks

Sevakudu is neither here nor there as it smacked of logic.

Banner : Venkataramana Productions

Cast :
Pradeep Rawat, Azad etc
Music-Srikanth Deva
Release : 4th Jan