Even Sharwanand said NO to this director

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It is never enough for a director to give one hit and get offers continuously. He has to deliver every time or else he will have to sit idle at home. Chandoo Mondeti was a hot shot director until Savyasachi happened. The disastrous Boxoffice fate of that film changed Chandoo’s fortunes. No actor is ready to give dates for his next movie.

Sharwanand had committed to do a film with Chandoo Mondeti long time back. Chandoo had even received advance for the project from producer Cherukuri Sudhakar. Sharwa is busy shooting in Spain for the Sudheer Varma film. Chandoo and producer requested Sharwa to allow them to come to Spain for a narration. But Sharwanad bluntly asked them not to come to Spain. He also told them he cannot do the movie right now and they will have to wait for few more months.

One can’t blame Sharwa as he too is going through a rough patch after Padi Padi Leche Manasu bit the dust. At this point of his career he cannot risk a movie with Chandoo Mondeti who has just delivered a flop. With no other option, Chandoo Mondeti has gone back to Nikhil, the hero of his first movie Karthikeya and made him sign for its sequel. Chandoo has to start again from the scratch.

His fate now depends on the Boxoffice result of Karthikeya 2.

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