Shekhar fight on Delhi Gang Rape

Ace Tollywood director and producer Sekhar Kammula is known for making clean entertainers for family and youth. He also has social common sense and pleads for women empowerment. Reacting on Delhi gang-rape incident, Sekhar launched a social consciousness campaign website ‘’ with a simple tagline ‘I care, I react’. I react it an awakening, a campaign born out of realisation that atrocities against women should not be tolerated at any cost. Over from many years now, our country has been waking up every day to read the news of women being raped, molested and harassed in every way possible. Sekhar says, “The Delhi gang-rape got me going. I feel that in India, particularly in AP, crimes against woman aren’t dealt with aggression like cases of caste and other issues. A day will come when people dread making baseless comments on women’s issues, films will stop having content that are insulting to woman and politicians will be forced to wake up and start making new laws.” We must appreciate the software filmmaker’s fight for a social responsibility.