Shivaji Raja Creating Hurdles For Naresh?

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It looks like the cold war between Naresh and Shivaji Raja is never-ending. After the MAA Elections, many felt that disturbances between Naresh and Shivaji Raja would come to an end. But shockingly, the gap between both the actors are increasing day by day.
Coming into the news Newly Elected MAA President Naresh and his panel has planned to conduct the Swearing-in on March 22nd. But it looks like Sivaji Raja isn’t ready to hand over the MAA president post to newly-elected Naresh. As per Naresh version, Shivaji Raja is creating problems for the newly elected Office Bearers. As per Shivaji Raja, his term as MAA President lasts till March 31st, so he is not in the mood to handover MAA on or before March 31st. Naresh also alleged that Shivaji Raja said he would move to court if anyone take the Oath before the end of this month’.
Let us wait and see how Shivaji Raja will react on these allegations.

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