Shocking – Tollywood Flesh trade in USA

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Film actresses involving in Flesh trade are mounting day by day. We had witnessed a lot of fade out and small-time actresses involving in flesh trade. Although some actresses are involving in this due to their financial situation, some are been forcefully doing this. Not only in India but in the USA too flesh trade of Indian actresses is becoming common from last few years.

Now due to the US police authority’s secret operation, a shocking incident has come into the light. A couple named Kishan Modugumudi (35) and his wife Chandra Modugumudi is luring Tollywood actress into the flesh trade.

The couple has rented a two-bedroom apartment and housed 5 actresses. Cops found some ledgers of sex acts performed by each actress. Chandra Modugumudi wife of Kishan Modugumudi made these ledgers of sex acts to gauge the money they got from this flesh trade.

Victims (actresses) also allege harassment by Modugumudi couple if they told law enforcement the truth about what she did while in the country. Agents who obtained a search warrant for Kishan Modugumudi’s email accounts discovered some emails in which he threatened and forced the actresses to do prostitution. Kishan Modugumudi earlier co-produced several hit films.

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