Shoot at Sight Utharvu Review

Movie : Shoot at Sight Utharvu

Rating : 2.5/5

Director : Ramprakash Rayappa

Behind the Scenes:

Mysskin, Vikranth, and Athulya Ravi starring Tamil film, Suttu Pidikka Utharavu is dubbed into Telugu as Shoot At Sight Uttaruvu. The thriller movie got released directly into the Digital Medium due to the Lockdown in the industry. Let us see if the movie can connect to the audience.


A few heavily armed criminals headed by Ashok (Vikranth) rob a bank and flee to a colony in Hyderabad in an attempt to escape from the cops. A special team supervised by Police Commissioner (Mysskin), chases the criminals who are hiding in the crowded colony. There is another gang operating in the same colony at the same time. The rest of the story is all about what happens in the tangle between the police and these gangs in the colony.


Mysskin is the biggest asset of the film as the Police Commissioner. He sets the screen on fire as the audacious cop. He is powerful in the scenes inside the hospital. Vikranth is okay as a Security Guard who resorts to Bank Robbery. Suseenthiran and Athulya are not so impressive.

Technical Performances:

Director Ramprakash Rayappa tried to make this thriller film racy right from the word GO. The initial scenes are impressive. The movie is largely good but the director missed the trick with lousy writing and screenplay. The climax twist, however, is worth. Songs are not needlessly embedded. Jakes Bejoy’s background score is impressive. Sujeeth Sarang faired well with the camera. Ramarao’s editing has been crisp. Production values are appropriate.


Shoot at Sight Utharuvu is a thriller that largely works. Except for a few comedy episodes and logical loopholes, the movie keeps the audience engrossed. The director should have worked more on the screenplay. It is appreciable that the movie is not stuffed with commercial stereotypes. The climax twist is again impressive and will end the movie on a positive note for the audience. Finally, Shoot At Sight Utharuvu, barring some glitches, is a decent home watch in this Lockdown times.

Movie Marks:

Shoot At Sight Utharuvu: Race Thriller Which Largely Works

Cast and Crew

Producer: P.K. Ram Mohan

Writer: Ramprakash Rayappa

Starring: Vikranth,Athulya Ravi ,Suseenthiran ,Mysskin

Music : Jakes Bejoy

Cinematography :Sujith Sarang

Editor : G. Ramarao

Production company: Kalpataru Pictures

Release Date April 3rd 2020