Shriya's life shaped

Shriya’s life shaped

South Indian actress Shreya saran said, “Dancing has shaped my life and I remember learning and practicing it with full gusto when I was 16. I was into Kathak, which means telling a story (katha) with your eyes.” 

I owe my confidence and honing of my acting skills to Kathak. I interacted with many people while doing stage shows or when my dance guru took me to events where I met many liberal and creative people. Talking to them was a liberating and maturing experience. 

My view towards life and my world-view widened. Since I was dancing a lot and doing many shows, I got more comfortable performing in front of large crowds. So, when I was shooting in front of people around me, I wasn’t scared or shy. I could do it with ease. With this strong base, dancing in movies was never a problem, too. So, Kathak has, in a way, shaped my life. 

I was also into reading a lot at that age. When youngsters my age were partying, drinking and dating, I was busy reading, thus nourishing my intelligence. I can have a conversation on any topic with anyone. I’m really happy that I did all that at 16 and didn’t waste my time in profanities.”

Shriya’s life shaped
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