Shruti openly expresses her lesbian love

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Shruti Haasan recently was a part of a talk show in which she spilled some interesting secrets.

Guess who Shruti Hassan would like to take on a date if she was a man!

“If I were a guy, who would I take out on a date, Tamannaah! Actually, if I were a man, I would marry Tammy. She is such a good girl, I won’t let her go easily.”

Well, this might seem just a casual statement from Shruti but those who know the history of Tamannaah and Shruti would definitely read in between the lines. Shruti and Tammy have been pretty ‘close’ friends for years now. They were caught getting intimate with each other on many occasions. There was a picture also of them having a lip lock too in one of the Chennai late night parties. After the abolition of Section 377, anyone can love anyone irrespective of the gender but still for some conservative minds it might seem a bit bold of Shruti to express her lesbian love for Tamannaah so openly.

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